Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So I've referred a couple of times to the modifications I do to the traditional Gong Fu Cha style of tea making, adjusted for every day use. Since there are lots of variations it's probably easiest to just describe how I do it.

I take 1 tbsp of tight-rolled or 2 tbsp of dried-long tea, and put it in my 6, 10, or 12 oz teapot. The 12 oz is easiest and most common, as I can make fewer batches to fill my teapot, usually 2.
I boil tap water in a metal kettle. While it heats I put aspertame in my drinking teapot, definitely non-standard but it makes me happy. I put a lipped plate under my yixing, it isn't a fancy wooden collector but it does the job. When the water boils I fill the yixing till over flowing and look at the clock. Sometime between :40 and 1:30 later I start decanting it into the drinking teapot. I then refill the yixing without re-heating the water and repeat. It's a stripped down method which makes a pretty good every day cup of tea.