Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Premium Formosa Choicest Oolong, Upton Tea Imports
Out of 5.
Overall - 3
Primary Flavors - 3
Secondary Flavors - 3
Aroma - 3
Finish - 4
Temperament - 3

This was another very "Wuyi" Formosan, with long, curving, black, green, white leaves, and a straightforward yet delicate oolong flavor. It's good for a Taiwanese, but other than the finish there really isn't too much I can say about this tea. The aroma is mild and the primary flavor is an agreeable green bamboo with a hint of toasty oolong goodness.

I used a lot of leaves in the large yixing, in my experience longer "tri-color" leaves stew easily, so more leaves allows for a shorter brew while still bringing out the subtlety. Your tea color comes out lighter, but the flavor is robust. Basic gong-fu, but especially important with this type of tea. The high leaf content rewarded us with a very nice finish for such a bland tea, a unique salty bitter-earth that sits on the tongue long after you finish the cup. It was really quite pleasant, and counterbalanced the greens and toast of the primary flavor nicely. The tea is a little bit of a one-trick pony though, the finish redeems what is otherwise bland on a 'Republic of Tea' scale. A good tea to experience once, then put in the drawer to drink when you have a cold.